giovedì 29 marzo 2012

FFT 2.20 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 03/03/2012

Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (Album: Push the botton; Label: Astralwerks)
Rodja – Nomadism (Album: Immanence; Label: Mime)
W.x.y.z. - Wxyz (Album: How to get to W.x.y.z.; Label: Sirona)
Psylence - Strange Zero ( Album: AA.VV. Sounds Behind The Corner Vol. 4; Label: Sounds Behind The Corner
The Spherical Minds - Kokkola Transition ( Album: Transpheres; Label: Tripostal)
Ricardo Fdez - Crashed (Album: VA 10 Years Of Colectivo Mascero; Label: Colectivo Mascero)
Hugo & Zoe - Her light am I (Album: Hugo & Zoe EP ; Label: Coucou)
Be Still Cat - I Am Waiting (Album: Proving My Hate For You; Label: Coreback Records)
Paolo Pesenti - Darktica
STZR - Ma Boheme (feat. BLGK) (
Colonel Red - Holla (Album: AA.VV. The Boogie Vol.2 ; Label: Tokio Dawn Records)
Fabiorosho - Boomshafreaks (Album: Audiopixels; Label: Sphicot)
Rainbow Valley - Lucid (Album: Dream Circuit; Label: Top Of The Flops)
Dumbo Gets Mad & Venice - Viaje Astral(Label: Bad Panda)
DUBNORMAL - Budapest (Album: Early Grey EP; Label: DubCombe Records
Hu Creix - Knowledge or wiseness (Album: All I can't touch;
MileSoundBass - LSD on my mind (Album: Logical Progression; Label: Ephedrina)
Fighter X - Time to die (Album: AA.VV.Reboot2; Label: Chip-con)

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