martedì 10 aprile 2012

FFT 2.21 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 17/03/2012

Enya - Only Time (Album: Only Time; Label: Reprise Records)
AXMusique - Hunger (Album: Axion; Label: Brennnessel)
Biernaski - Invisible (feat Adre'n'alin) (Album: Red or Blue; Label; Brennnessel)
Cassique - DopeHerb ReDub (Album: Mudiadupli; Label: Supafeed)
XZICD - 1.4.9. (Album: Everyone else music is better than this; Label; Crazy Language)
Sandro Chiaravalle - Grid 1-8 (Album: 3Coin/Grid 1-8; Label: Ephedrina)
Damscray - One Finger Punch(Album: Blot Method EP; Label: Alpha Pup Records)
Lockhead - Fraud For Head (Album: Room;
Giriu Dvasios - Siela 8Album: Visa; Label: Cold Tear Records)
He died while hunting - Love + Hate (Album: We used to dream awake; Label: Totokoko
Maisaund - Cruscè (Album: Gl'uommr EP; Official:
Discoshit - Away Victory (Album: AA.VV. Supakonfetkt; Label: Supafeed)
The Only Michael - A snake in the sand is worth two in a hand (Xtmgr Rmx)(Album: Someone else's fur; Label: Cold Tear Records)
Nicolas Eller - Carmelita (Album: Night Shift EP; Label: Supafeed)
W.x.y.z. - The sound of humans talking to animals (Album: How To Get wxyz; Label: Sirona)
Zreen Toyz - Pianistic Refining Vault (Album: Poket Recycling; Label:  DNA Production)

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