lunedì 14 luglio 2014

FFT 4.18 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 16/03/2014

Up! - Spiritual High (Album: Artificial Intelligence; Label: Warp, 1992)
Clark - Riff through the fog (Album: Superscope; Label: Warp)
NuBorg - Sparks
Slaughter Mob - L'amour (Album: L'amour; Label: Hotflush)
Pocket Panther - Skia
Earthquacke Island - Naked Water (feat. Mocca) (Label: Bad Panda Records)
Maxiroots - See no light (Album: See no light EP; Label: Dubcombe Records)
Setter Pointing - Peace hunting (live @Blau Studio Milano)
Rudy Zygadlo - Hooray for captain balding (Album: AA.VV. 14 tracks for Planet Mu; Label: Planet Mu)
King Midas - Why am I dancing (Album: Scandinavia; Label: Fysisk Format)
Labarome T.M.I. - Move (original mix)(Album: Bedroom producer; Label : Blacksam Records)
The Hundred In The Hands - Kiling it (Album: The Hundred In The Hands; Label: Warp)
Facade ft. ONE4ALL - Psymbionic (Album: Parallels; Label: Gravitas Recordings)
The Digital Connection - The Way I Remember (Album: A Clean Slate; Label: Gravitas Recordings)
Russ Disciple - Dance Dub (Album: Dance Single Edition; Label: Irieonair Inity Musik)
Carver - Ciao Vito (Album: Carver)
My Woshin Mashin - Little crow (Single Version)
Projects - The Man In White (Album: In The Hall of The Mountain King; Label: Sirona)

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domenica 6 luglio 2014

FFT 4.17- Playlist & Podcast

BDMS - Canto di primavera (1972)
Death Grips - Guillotine (Subjex Remix) (Album: Remixes Collection; Label: Bedroom Research)
Vaetxh - Clipper (Subjex Remix) (Album: Remixes Collection; Label: Bedroom Research)
Biblo - Dualism
Palace - Depzan
Disclosure - January (Kaytranada Edition)
Evian Christ - Waterfall (Album: Waterfall)
Paul White - Drivin guts
Marcosoule - TIME4FRNDS (Album: AA.VV. Back2 Da Basics; Label: The Beatfonic Crew)
Stayreal! - Nowadays  (Album: AA.VV. Back2 Da Basics; Label: The Beatfonic Crew)
Squid to Squeeze - Smells like China spirit
RKTR - Render Reality (MPire rmx)
Clean Bandit - Nightingale (Gorgon City Remix)
Kamalarabin - Babalau
Girl with the gun - Hold on for cues (Album: Ages; Label: Bad Panda Records)
Girl with the gun - Fireflies (Album: Ages; Label: Bad Panda Records)
Addison Groove - Pippin'(Album: Addison Groove presents James Grieve; Label: 50 weapons)
Portformat - Dubtimistic (Album: Entropy; Label: Tokio Dawn Records)
Reggie B - Do you wanna ride (Album: DNA; Label: Tokio Dawn Records)
Simon Pyke - Universal Everything & You (Live) (Label: Warp Records)

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