lunedì 23 luglio 2012

FFT 2.28 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 12/05/2012

Caustic Window - The Garden Of Linmiri (Album: Joyrex J9; Label: Rephlex)
d'Eon - Al qiyamah (Album: LP; Label: Hippos In Tanks)
Balbio - Non sono più agile come quando avevo 80 anni
Mary Yalex - Clavi heart skit (Album: Ginger EP; Label: Sa Trincha Recordings)
McMaNGOS - 420 (Label: Breakbeat Music)
Cooly G - Feeling you (Album: VV.AA. Fabric 50; Label: Noise Junkie)
Caribou - Bowls (Album: Swim; Label: City Slang)
Lighter way to forever
!((0rkza - Periodontal (s.cats) activity (
Voyvoda - Stefan The Vlach's Son (Album: AA.VV. SBTCorner Vol.4; Label: Sounds Behind The Corner)
Qebrus - hmn fshn (Album: Exophobia; Label: Bedroom Research)
Polly Pocket - The one (
Affix Nail - Time's Up (Album: Time's Up; Label: Audiocast Production)
Acid Lab pres. Parametric - Reform (Album: The Automatic EP; Label: digitalGEWITTER)
Oceanozero - Tus manos (Alas de paloma dorada) (
Kaparao - Slave to the rythm ( )
Colossius and Digi G'Alessio - Vaccini (Album: Danse avec les loops; Label: Bedroom Research)
Freakout Status - Layers - Grape Vines (Album: Layers; Label: Lizard Breakfast Recordings)
Concierge Weetr - Puke out the goods (Album: The glass is breaking; Label: IDMf)
Rockman - Love Chaos (Album: AA.VV. Reboot 2; Label: Reboot)
The Groob - Only High-Quality(Album: Grappapproved Sampler No.1; Label: Grappa Frisbee Records)
Sepalcure - No think (Album: Fleur; Label: Hotflush Recordings)
VioletSkyVocalVersion AlessioOissela (Album: Avant-guarde jouets; Label: Ephedrina)
Da Fake Panda - Haze Flavor Bamboo (Album: A glitch experience; Label: Sociopath)
Midibyte - The flaw (Album: Technical difficulties; Label: Signorafranca)

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giovedì 12 luglio 2012

FFT 2.27 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 05/05/2012

Autechre - IO (Album: Quaristice; Label: Warp Records)
Tertiary - Scandals (Album: Ever After; Label: Sirona)
Ramide - Move data from a red cloud (Album: Bloody Notex EP; Label: Signorafranca)
Dansu - Hirnholz (Album: Dansu; Label: Subbass)
Mary Yalex - Balaton (Original Mix) (Album: Ginger EP; Label: Yalex Recordings)
Christophe MARC - Oh no! (Album: Oh no!; Jamendo)
Weisse Nichte (Bek Suserutz Redub) (Album: Dinna Chord Redub Weisse Nicht; Label: Mildtape)
Iamdeadsmiles58 - They don't get the love they deserve (Album: Suicide Stories; Label: Sirona)
Latex Distortion - Peris (Album: Killed by a fairy; Label: One Bit Wonder)
Stay ali - Better doctor than funny (Album: Music for men; Label: Signorafranca)
Hu Creix - One thrill (Album: The present forward; Bandcamp)
Venetian Snares - Ultraviolent junglist noir (Album: My So Called Life; Label: Timesig)
Stefano Rocchi - This is fever (Riccardo Rocchi 'Hand' Mix) (Album: Temporal Obsessions; Label: Ephedrina Netlabel)
A smile for Timbuctu Tlazolteotl II (Album: AA.VV, A Love Continuum; Label: Fresh YO)
Radio for the Daydreamers - Crawl into my crawl space (Album: Mother superior and her fields of migraine; Bandcamp)
Octane Cartel - Lyfe Dayz (Nesta Talmadge Production) (Album: My Collabs 1; Internet Archive)
Languid - Juice Drink (Album: Grappapproved Samler No.1; Label: Grappafrisbee)
Viener Platz - Emotions (Feat.Hayden Reed)(Album: Some love for nobody; Label: Sirona)
Amphobia - This is amphibia (Album: Slutstyle; Label: Subbass)
Ricky EatAcid - A smoothie robot for my moon mansion (Label: Bad Panda Records)
UFO Project - Messinscena (UFO Project Page)
Sentinels - Hyperglow Original Mix (Album: Exodus EP; Label: Slime Recordings)
La venda sexy - Gesto por acumulacion (Album: La venda sexy; Label: Epa Sonidos)
Tekst - Parallel Funk (Album: Grappapproved Samler No.1; Label: Grappafrisbee)
Mo Kolours - Twelve (Album: Banana Wine; Label: One Handed Music)

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giovedì 5 luglio 2012

FFT 2.26 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 28/04/2012

Venetian Snares - Gay (Album: Venetian Snares vs. Stunt Rock, Fuck Canada//Fuck America; Label: CLFST)
DaFake Panda - Haze Flavor Bamboo (Album: A Glitch Experience EP; Label: Sociopath)
Nunun - Of the judgement (Album: Seven Mirrors; Label: Acustronica)
AXMusique - Begin (Album: Axion; Label: Brennnessel)
The natural Dub Cluster - Cluster Equation (Dziga Remix)(Album: Dziga, Elephant Remixes; Label: Fresh Poulp Records)
Biernaski - Invisible (feat. Adre'n'alin) (Album: Red or Blue EP; Label: Brennnessel)
XZICD - The flying sausage conundrum (Album: Everyone Else's Music Is Better Than This; Label: Crazy Language)
DU3NORMAL - Relax (Steppa Mix)(Album: Early Grey; Label: Dub Combe Records)
Mina - Un anno d'amore (maisaundremix) (Official Site)
Bound Of Reflection - The Dawn After Long Darkness (Album: Everything once closed; Label: Circlesandlines)
Damscray - Headplate (Album: Blot Method EP; Label: G5 Music)
Mimi - Wind and sea (Album: VA Tranzmitter Compilation vol. 4; Label: Tranzmitter Netlabel)
Concierge Weetr - Ukosolution (Koulln) (Album: The Glass Is Breaking; Label: IDMf)
Mad Radiogram - Mail (Album: Happiness; Jamendo)
Moskra - Vodou (Album: Moskra EP; Label: IDMf)
Nick R61 & kendall WA - Get the picture (Album: Parkour Gee; Label: Section 27)
VisionArmonica del Caos - Las Animas (Album: Tempus Fugit; Bandcamp)
Headlez Ponch - Eets een yor swak (Album: Made by our grannies; Label: Sociopath)
Machete - Tenderness (Max Grin Dubstep rmx) (
Alexander Saykov - Layers (Album: VA Tranzmitter Compilation vol. 4; Label: Tranzmitter Netlabel)
Misdea - Libra IV (Album: Libra; Label: Acustronica)

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