lunedì 24 dicembre 2012

FFT 3.13 - Playlist & Podcast

An Happy New Year of music and sounds to all!!

Playlist 23/12/2012

State Of Bass - Dirty Dubz
Myths - The Horizon (Album: Myths; Bandcamp)
Trollheads -  Trapped Release (Album: On The Loose; Label: Bedroom Research)
Kellee Maize - Flying Caterpillar (Album: Owl time; Jamendo)
Polyklinik - Questions (Album: Syntropy; Label: Bedroom Research)
AbacomSystem - 16 Pm (Album: Home; Label: Stato Elettrico)
The Glimmer Room - Everyday I die for your body (Album: Introduction; Official Site)
DUBBEMO - Dubness Is Voodooism (Album: Dub Welle EP; Label: Dubcombe Records)
Polyklinik - VIII (Album: Syntropy; Label: Bedroom Research)
Abjective Music - Not for Everyone (Album: Not for Everyone; Bandcamp)
Microman - R-32 (Album: Raw!Raw!Raw!; Label: Sostanze Records)
Ghosts - Grief and sleep (Album: Judge; Bandcamp)
Sister Soleil - Eyes (Mewark Remix) (Album: Haunted EP; Label: Sirona)
Steven Smirney - The New Generation (Album: Way Back Home Ep; Label: On 2 Sides)
DjCode - If you could (Album: If you could; Label: Musica Vermella)
Adult Only - Abandoned Gods (Jamendo)
Alex Duko - Our dreams (Glitch rework) (Album: From dreamer to dream finder; Label: Picpack)
Cravagoide - Rhytidome (Album: Arborea; Label: Suonofantasma)
C_C - So Devil (Album: Retro Action; Label: Bedroom Research)
KDG - Back In The DAys (Album:KDG; Label: Bedroom Research)
5Y5 - Lady Bug (Album:5Y5; Label: Bedroom Research)
O.S.I.S. - New Horizon (Album: AA.VV. 4:00; Label: Sirona)
State Of Bass - Lick it

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