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FFT 3.10 - Playlist and podcast

Playlist 25/11/2012

Cravagoide - Arborea
Steven Smirney - Springsour
Corroded Master - Tribute to the old
Brotto - Grassland (Foolk remix) (Album: Brotto Remixes; Label: teaandcakerecords)
Pink Enemy - Double Shiva
Frenic - Green leaves and thunder
Televizyn Sorrow - Printempo (remix)
Soulsonic - When you leave me (Album: Everyday is good; Label: Cold Tear Records)
Stay Ali - In the rw (Album: Music for men; Label:sfr048)
2Genial Idiots - Working for a web agency
ShamanizmParallelii - GreenGrassPiknik
Creix - stupid soap
Rudi Zygadlo - Tragicomedy (Album: Tragicomedies
AlexDuko - From dreamer to dreamfinder
Anklebiter - When Your Ghosts Outnumber Your Living
N-qia - Saudade
Kid Koala - 5 bit Blues
RGL - They Don't Know (Original mix) [Noisybeat 043]
Myths - The Horizon
Mister Glider & Heart Tricks - Mermaid
On The Loose - The Promised End (Album: ; Label: Bedroom Research)
Atari Teenage Riot - Digital Decay
Cybernova - Post Human Manifacture
Gregor Salto vs. John-Dahlback - Pyramid Gaav (Fruity Fresh Funkelicious bootleg)
Egyptrixx - Recital (A Version)
Wicked Sick - Video Games Can Kill You (Album: Mental masturbation; Jamendo)
Logo - La vie moderne

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