domenica 9 dicembre 2012

FFT 3.11 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 09/12/12

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene part V (Album: Oxygene; Label: Polydor)
How To Destroy Angels (Album: An omen; Official Site)
Just S.T.R.E.S.S. - For the love I gave you (Album: AA.VV. The beatfonics Vol.1; Bandcamp)
Jammineye - Break your promise (Album: AA.VV. The beatfonics Vol.1; Bandcamp)
Kargo - Crop circles (Album: AA.VV. Sirona 4:00; Label: Sirona)
Ars Sonor, Marax, Bedawang - Nameless City (Album: The outer limits EP; Bandcamp)
Hu Creic & Le Rouge - KELLA (Bandcamp)
BRTL - The flood (Soundcloud)
AceeD - Kandy Raver (Soundcloud)
Jimmy Edgar - U need love (Album: Majenta; Label: Hotflush Recordings)
Mr. Dee - Communications one (Knolios rmx)(Album: Communications Remixes; Label: Ephedrina)
Ummagma - Micro Macro (Album: Antigravity; Bandcamp)
Darkbox - Tumtum901(Album: Logue Ep; Label: Stato Elettrico)
Koona - Rain (Album: AA.VV. Deeper Shades vol.4; Label: Noisybeat)
Omino Lego - Lagolego (Album: Tales from my world; Label: Coucou Netlabel)
Nitrox aka Charlie - Ready or not here I come (Album: AA.VV. The beatfonics Vol.1; Bandcamp)
Paradeigma - Rotation of 6 years (Album: Paradeigma a special mood; Label: Sirona)
Pluplus - Greek tragedy (Album: Label: La bel Netlabel)
Rudy Zygadlo - Catharine (Album: Tragicomedies; Label: Planet Mu)
Scuba - Cognitive dissonance (Album: Personality; Label: Hotflush)
VYTIS - Ascend (Album: AA.VV. Hluboko Collective Gate 3; Label: Ephedrina)
Railster - Wassily (Soundcloud)
Andrey Kireyev - First free bird (Album: Let it bird; Label: Nostress Netlabel)
Anklebiter - Raintree (feat. The OO-Ray) (Album: Raintree; Label: Tympanik Audio)
Melted Cassettes - Who plays the drums (Album: Die online in 3D; Label: Sirona)
Melted Cassettes - No systems (Album: Die online in 3D; Label: Sirona)
Magda - Your love attack (Album: From the fallen page; Label: Minus101)
StruKtur - 2 (Soundcloud)
RGL - They don't know (RA rmx) (Album:They don't know Remix; Label: Noisybeat)
Davic Nod - Nightmare (Album: Do you remember me? Label: Musica Vermella)

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