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FFT 2.22 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 24/03/2012

Thievery Corporation - Until the morning (feat. Emiliana Torrini) (Album: Babylon Rewound; Label: Eighteenth Street Lounge Music)
Phonat - Ghetto Burning (Label: MofoHifi)
Abacom System - System failure (
AXMusique - Hardline (Album: Axion; Label: Brennnessel)
Biernaski - So good (Album: Red or blue; Label: Brennnessel)
Affix Nail - My death space (Album: Time's Up; Label: Audiocast Production)
Ueki - She She 1.0 (Album: Mahler/She She; Label: Beatismurder)
----- Friday K.I.S.S. (Album: AA.VV. Zero, seven and eight - Dj Newtown Tribute; Label: Maltine Records)
No Loli-Gagging - Inside the machine (Album: The floor is now lava; Label: Enought Records)
Concierge weetr - Second chamber (Album: The glass is breaking; Label: IDMf)
Moskra - AELA (Album: Moskra EP; Label: IDMf)
Nick R61 & Kendall WA - Get the picture (Album: Parkour Gee; Label: Section 27)
Airborne Drumz - Andromeda (Album: Saturn Falcons; Label: Sociopath Recordings)
Drunk Optimus - I wanna be a fuckin'gansta (Album: Made by our grannies; Label: Sociopath Recordings)
Sk' P - Locktar nao (Album: Sk'P/Piktogram - Universions; Label: Tao Records)
Ad Bourke - Aquarius rising(Album: Tidal Motion; Label: Basic Rhythm)
Haveck feat. Paulinho Choffen - Escave (Album: AA.VV. Tranzmitter Compilation Vol.4; Label: Tranzmitter)
Holocaos - Encontros Noturnos (Album: AA.VV. Tranzmitter Compilation Vol.4; Label: Tranzmitter)
PJ Waldman - Suave Na Neve (Album: AA.VV. Tranzmitter Compilation Vol.4; Label: Tranzmitter)
Tupperwear - Bicicleta (Album: AA.VV. - 10 Years of Colectivo Mascero; Label: Colectivo Mascero)
Banvox - Hands Up (Album: Intense Electro Disco; Label: Maltine Records)
The Spherical Minds - Life (vest) under your seat (Album: Transpheres;

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