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FFT 3.24 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 07/04/2013

Postal M@rket - Chinese girl colonise the world (MySpace)
Scabeater - Achilles Heel (Album: Keep Down)
Erreome - Help (Ales Pardo rmx) (Album: Mis ciclos; Label: Rawmatroid Club)
Lucky Dragons - Givers
Camo & Krooked - All fall down (Label: Hospital Records)
Konsumprodukt - Correct - Incorrect (Album: Sin pena ni gloria; Label: TonAtom)
Jambassa - them never love the flowers (Album: The roots and the flowers; Label: Aquietbump)
Art of fighters - Release 7.0 (Label: Traxtorm Records)
Fluydo - Revolution
Creix - Focus (Album: Journey at the corner)
Seberis - visit in aquarium
Brotto - Grassland (Bunny on Acid Remix) (Album: Brotto Remixes; Label: Teaandcakerecords)
No One - Hush (Album: Hush; Label: Public Spaces)
Mr Nils - Illiterate idiots
Jazzy Gentle - La-La (Album: AA.VV. The Beatfonics Mixtape vol.1)
Mo Kolours - Will Be (Album: EP3, Tusk Dance; Label: One Handed Music)
Astronaut Ape - He was the first  (Album: A little closer to the stars; Label: Microcosmos Records)
Boards of canada - Everything you do it's a balloon (Album: Hi scores; Label: Skam, 1999)
Godblesscomputer - Triple trouble (Album: Lost in downtown; Label: Fresh Yo!)
Godblesscomputer - Oh word (Album: Lost in downtown; Label: Fresh Yo!)
KDG - She calls it skweertining (Album: KDG; Label: Bedroom Research)
Scuba - Untitled (Label: Ovum Recordings)
Iky Iky - What about future? (Album: What about future? Elements of informal thoughts; Label: Effluvia Recordings)

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