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FFT 3.23 - Playlist & podcast

Playlist 24/03/2013

Prodigy - Poison (Label: XL Recordings) 1995
God Bless Computers - Oh word (Album: Lost in downtown (The Beastie Boys Reworks); Label: Fresh Yo!)
Pl433 - Liberation (Album: Quick and rought; Label: Ephedrina)
Leithal - Case
Paul White - Street lights ft danny Brown
Esotheric Sob - Colors (Album: Breath 08; Label: Breath)
1000 Lemmi + Biga - Fare (Album: Spazionauta EP; Label: Fresh Yo!)
Labarome - Acid Challenge EP (Label: Black Sam Records)
Valerio Maina - Cenere (Album: Heavy mental)
Machine Drum - Clissold VIP (Label: Astrophonica)
Pecavi - Red ant (Album: Best of memories vol.1)
Alessio gaudio - 2 (Album: Cyclum; Label: Stato Elettrico)
Ars sonor & others - All over again (Album: The outer limits EP)
Astronaut Ape - Mir space station (Album: A little closer to stars; Label: Microcosmos Records)
Heterotic - Love & devotion (Label: Planet Mu Records)
The Glimmer room - The wind blows summer from the trees
Positive Flow - Axis (Album: Flow lines; Label: Tokio Dawn Records)
Cristal Castels - Not in love (feat. Robert Smith) (Label: RCRD LBL)
dLUDED vs Burnkane - dmht v2
Prodigy - Hot ride (Album: Hot ride; Label: Maverick)
Melted Cassettes - New age demon (Album: Die online in 3D; Label: Sirona)
Dubbemo - 8 bit soldier (Album: Dub Welle EP; Label: Dubcombe Records)
Nick Cave - Jubilee street (Album: Push the sky away; Label: Bad Seed Ltd.)
Pluxus - Contrax (Album: Solid State; Label: Pluxemburg)
Subsonica - Aurora sogna (Album: Microchip Emozionale; Label: Mescal/Universal)
Kool Thing - Low love (Album: Kool Thing)
Ongaku2 - Come quando ti guardo (Album: Short stories; Label: La Bèl Netlabel)

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