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FFT #16 - Playlist 25/06/2011

Playlist 25/06/2011

Gigi D'Agostino - Bla Bla Bla 
Actress - Gershwin
Master Jim - Transmitter (Zoli rmx)
Moby - Sevastopol
Silent Strangers - Staybill Choke
Appletude - Blue Run
Johnny Jitters - Floaty Feelings
Polar Aviation - Psycho Kinetic Dub
Libraries - 1988
Doc Deem - Call Embassy
The Prodigy - Out of space (Bass Tandem Dustep rmx)
Isoprophanol - Seconds, minutes and hour
Inglorious Ocean - Crowd
S0N0 - Why are we get togheter yet still alone?
Fabio Scalabroni - Chains
Super Flu feat Monkey Safari - Hallo Halle
SoftClip - The Prisoner
Pierlo - Deleuze
Logo - La vie moderne (Danton Eeprom rmx)
Yelle - Comme un enfant
alDDao - Crazy Love Show (Tech Amplifier Deconstruction live rmx)
Sengyo - Campo di battaglia
Pangea - Wetlands

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  1. What an awesome show! Thanks for playing my track "The Prisoner" on it. LOVED the listen! Grazie!