mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

FFT #15 - Playlist&Podcast

Playlist 18/06/2011

Gothan Project - Santa Maria
Soccius & MPHD - Autosuggestion
Everybody Tesla - Federico ha ragione
Super Flu - Takk Poney
Sahin Laselle - A fine day
Stephan Knoell - Lust und Laune
Right Mood - Dean
Atari Teenage Riot - Is this hyperreal
Echo Gardens - Fly
Labarome - Musica per atomi
Optimus Prime - Hombre
Camo and Krooked - We fall
Softclip - The Key
VegaProject - A form of the organ
Spintronic - God save the bleep
Aentitude - Raketens
Dunaewsky69 - Sirovatka
Egyptrixx - Liberation front
London Elektricity - Had a little fight
Valerio Maina - Method sponge
Genial Idiots - Tabasco
Dorian concept - Color sexist
Hercules and love affair - Leonora
Lezet Caged - Prepared Piano Piece II

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  1. ANOTHER awesome show! And you played my track "The Key",..... I am honoured! Thanks for putting together such great radio shows!