domenica 4 maggio 2014

FFT 4.15 - Playlist & Podcast


New Order - Confusion (Label: Streetwise, 1983)
Jake Scarbrough - Here Comes The One (Album: Antics; Label: Gravitas Recordings)
Stratasoul - Sherryblossoms (Album: Beat Garden Compilation III; Label: Gergaz Netlabel)
Fallgrapp - Arca Natura (Album: Beat Garden Compilation III; Label: Gergaz Netlabel)
Capibara - Roxanne EP (Label: White Forest Records)
Ars Sonor & Naimi - Beautiful and Dark (A new beginning) (Label: Black Circle Records)
B12 - Proximity (Album: Music Sans Frontiers; Label: Balkan Recordings)
Jon Hopkins - Open eye signal (Album: Immunity; Label: Domino)
Divag - Clowny (Album: Bagarre les tous; Label: Dataglitch)
Eat Rabbit - Shemale Cat (Album: Bagarre les tous; Label: Dataglitch)
Or4 - Bleeping rebellion
Condor - Monsters (Original Mix)
Apparat - Komponent (Album: Silizium EP; Label: Shitkatapult)
Gold Panda - We work nights (Album: Half of where you live; Label: Ghostly International)
Tycho - Awake (Album: Awake; Label: Ghostly International)
Daft Punk - Tron Legacy (Label: Cybernetic)
The Womb - Two thousand days (Album: Psychedelectro)
Zreen Toyz - Obsessive geiger counter (Album: Pocket Recycling; Label: DNA Production)
Boards Of Canada - New seeds (Album: Tomorrow's harvest; Label: Warp)

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