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FFT 3.16 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 27/01/2013

Tangerine Dream - Sunrise in the Third System (Album: Alpha Centauri; Label: Ohr)
Ochi - Golden zipper=Carrot moth (Soundcloud)
Towards - Green last page (Album: Last page EP; Label: Buzzin' fly)
Komabase - Nobody (Album: AA.VV. Isquion EP; Label: Cicuta)
The MM Project - Barbiegirl by Aqua (Album: 90's Chiptune covers; Label: Coucou)
DigiGAlessio - Manager (Album: Cirque de poche; Label: Sostanze Records)
Emancipator - Minor Cause (Album: Dusk to down; Label: Loci Records)
Jmd - Excitement (Original mix) (Album: Excitement; Label: Manifest Northwest Recordings)
Julio Gutierrez - Wicca (Album: About magic; Label: Musica Vermella)
Marvin Marlyn - Kinda (Take 2) (Album: I like doing; Label: Stereoptico)
Mildtape - Scarf (Album: Coat Rack; Label: Dub Combe Records)
Moduloktopos - Queef Latifah (Album: Drip; Label: Stereoptico)
Aetheric - Astral Ascension (Album: Mantra; Label: Ephedrina)
Silenced -  Fvneral blves (Album: Retral; Label: Silenced)
Sinister Taxonomy - Fifth Element (Album: Sinister Taxonomy; Label: Dub Temple Records)
Tor - Let me down (Album: Drum Therapy; Loci Records)
Towards - Green keep your eyes closed (Album: Last page EP; Label: Buzzin' fly)
Ummagma - Autumnmania (Album: Antigravity)
Walrii - Return/Yet to learn (Album: Weaver EP; Label: Dub Temple Records)
Jerry Richardsong - Bycicle (Album: This is it; Label: Signorafranca)
How to destroy angels - Speaking in tongues (Album: An Omen EP)
LesMistons - Atto II (Album: The situation is desperate, anything is possible; Label: Brusio Netlabel)

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