domenica 11 novembre 2012

FFT 3.8 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 11/11/2012

Brian Eno - In the dark trees (Album: Another green world; Label: EGMC21)
Falk - Errorline (Album: America; Label: Electrolyt)
Alessio Gaudio - FM Nation (Soundcloud)
Jimmy Edgar - Switch switch (Album: Majenta; Label: Hotflush Recordings)
Sigur Ros - Saeglopur (Rocket One Drone version)
Myths - The labyrinth (Album: Myths; Bandcamp)
MileSoundBass - Gregorianalien chant (Album: Gates to unknown; Label: Art-Ak)
Dubbemo - Dub evolution (Album: AA.VV. Deeper Shades vol. 4; Label: Noisybeat)
Ars Sonor - A light at the end of the universe (Album: The outer limits; Bandcamp)
Davic Nod - Psyco brothers (Album: Do you remember me?; Label: Musica Vermella)
Paradeigma - More kind, more (Album: Paradeigma, a special mood; Label: Sirona)
Andrej Kireyev - Second first (Soundcloud)
Tree!& Shelf Nunny - Recooperation day (
Rudy Zygadlo - Catharine (Album: Tragicomedies; Label: Planet Mu)
State of bass - Lick it (Album: Dirty Dutchstep; Twitter)
Jay Rock - No joke feat. Ab Soul (Dj Muze remix) (Album: Follow me home)
Wiz Kalifah - On my level feat. Too Short (Album: Rolling papers; Label: Rostrum Records)
Ricky Eat Acid - A smoothie robot for my moon mansion (Album: A smoothie robot for my moon mansion; Label: Bad Panda)
Mo Kolours - Banana wine (Album: Banana wine EP; Label: One Handed Music)
Mildtape - Index Dub (Album: AA.VV. Noisydrina Noisybeat vol.2; Label: Ephedrina)

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