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FFT 2.15 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 28/01/2012

Come To Daddy - Aphex Twin (Label: Warp)
Nick R61 - Krymteaser (Album: Krym; Label: Fusion Netlabel)
Leksha - Terraforming (Album: AA.VV. Terraform; Label: Kahvi Collective)
Cobol Pongide - Bambi (Album: Italian Micromusic for Japan; Label: Coucou)
Toshinori Murashima - Fly (Album: Mu;
Rainbow Valley - Lunesta (Album: Dream Circuit; Label: Top Of The Flops)
Soulsonic - Action Jackson (Album: Every day is good; Label: Cold Tear Records)
Max Farnea -Wired (Album: Drop Paths;
Doc Deem - Kamy Elrahn Tips-New Barn (Album: Soft colors; Label: Lizard Breakfast)
Undercore X - Brains Under Hammer (Album: We can't be a cured; Label: Sirona)
Kromatic - Club Crunk For Monkeys (Album: Club Crunk For Monkeys; Label: Black Lantern Music)
Sepalcure - Your love (Album: Fleur EP; Label: Hotflush Records)
Marvin Marlyn - Fuerza Creativa (Album: Soy Otro Tù; Label: Stereoptico)
Madame - Deep Moon (Album: Lies and sunsets; Label: Musica Vermella)
Outlow Producer & Trouble - Flight Speed (Original Mix) (Album: Flight Speed; Label: Noisybeat)
Pogohm & TCKoLSDE - Tequila!(Dancing like a gaystar)(Album: A night in the discoteque; Label: Sirona)
Electro Plus - What's up Baby ( Album: Girl, boy and robot; Label: Sirona)
Ruxpin - You look lovely in this spacesuit (Album: AA.VV. Intelligent Toys2; Label: Sutemos)
MarkheM - First Level Spirit (Album: The Third Level Spirit;
Pictures - Fight Club (Album: Salt;
Spleenbug - Anthologies (Album: Memento;
Mad Radiogram - Juno (Album: Happyness;
Adult Only & SaReGaMa - Afterzone (
Acid Sicnarf - Fleurs jumelles (Album: Faire de la musique avec celle des autres;
Khymeras - The suffering of understanding (Album: Evocation;
MileSoundBass - Monkey Island (feat. Guybrush Treepwood) (Album: Logical Progression EP; Label: Ephedrina)
Le Cose Bianche - Dalla parte del torto. (Album: Le Cose bianche 2008/2011; Label: CoreBack Records)

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