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FFT 2.10 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 26/11/2011
Fu Mou - Comes over!(Album: Green Night Parade; Label: Altema Records)
Hu Creix - Stupid Soap (Album: Stupid Soap)
Digi g'Alessio - The duel (Album: DOGMA 7; Label: Fresh yO!)
Kappah - Sunday producers (feat.Railster) (Album: Welcome Superstereo Stars)
Wicked Sick - Like Subway Suicide (Album: Mental Masturbation)
Shema - UkOff (Album: Aborval 8 bit; Label: Fusion Netlabel)
Synkro - Its (Album: Look at yourself/ Girl/ Its; Label: Mindset Records)
Homeless Inc. - You win! (Album: Black Plastic EP; Label: Musica Vermella)
Abacom System - Yogurt Master (Album: A; Label: Stato Elettrico)
Microcobra - Scorpion vs. Cobra (Album: Barbara Bleepska; Official Site)
Corroded Master - Tribute to the old (Album: Deutsche Bank; Label: Itsu Jitsu)
Chunter - Underproduced and Undermarketed (Album: Everything Must Change (For You), So That Everything Stays The Same (For Us))
Homeless Inc. - Marble (feat Ad Bourke) (Album: Black Plastic EP; Label: Musica Vermella)
Bleepdirty - Bass to bass (Album: Bass to Bass; Label: Audiocast Production)
Mastermind XS - Kingdom Come (Album: Reset all Systems; Label: Angel Dust Records)
DAM!BEER - Color Bar Generator (Album: Beats Vol.3; Label: Stereoptico)
Mister Bleep - Galactic Coursing (Album: ; Label: Coucou Netlabel)
Ectoplasmic - This one is for you (Album: AA.VV.Ephedrina Vol,2; Label: Ephedrina)
Nick R61 - French Kiss (Album: Carte Blanche; Label: Fusion Netlabel)
Stu - Insane level (Album: Seven; Label: 8bitpeoples)
Konsumprodukt - Correct-Incorrect! (Album:  Sin Pena Ni Gloria EP; Label: ton.Atom)
Koala Gregy - Valvoline
Algorhytmics - Believe (Album: Init Zero; Label: Node Zero)
Hot Stroke - Attack (Album: Bipolar Tendence)
Bit Shifter - Reformat The Planet (Album: Information Chase; Label: 8bitpeoples)
Mirko Andreoli - Afresh (Album: AA.VV. The structure of matter; Label: Quantum Bit)
Inko - All over you (Album: Tropical Offbeat; Label: Stereoptico)
2 Genial Idiots - Working for a Web Agency (Album: Coelophisis; Label: Inv3rno)
Iszen - Bitter Kas (Album: Informal EP; Label: Musica Vermella)
Alex Tune - Your Bunny Rave (Fat frumos & Bob the Builder rmx)(
Nubian Mindz - Bossa Boogie (Album: Bossa Boogie; Label: Rush Hour)
Digi g'Alessio - Gretsch blackhawk vs space invaders (Album: DOGMA 7; Label: Fresh yO!)
Tree Bosier - Over the hills and the sea (Album: Two Shades; Label: Subwise)
Ad Bouke - Flight Deck (Album: TrebleO Beat Tape; Label: TrebleO)
Fantomenk - The massacre (Album: The massacre; Label: Coucou Netlabel)
Fantomenk - Tinytunes (Album: The massacre; Label: Coucou Netlabel)
Buskerdroid - Screaming Chip (Album: Blip My Chip? Compilation)
Marvin Marlyn - Conversacion estelar (Album: Soy Otro Tu; Label: Stereoptico)
SoulSonic - Red Feelings (Album: Every day is good; Label: Cold Tear Records)

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