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FFT 2.8 - Playlist & Podcast

Playlist 12/11/2011

Faithless - Insomnia (Album: Forever Faithless - The Greathest Hits; Label: Sony BMG)
Yarkouy a.k.a. TSO - Human nature is so deceiving (Album: RCPLTR II AA.VV; Label: Musica Vermella)
Chunter - Vicariously hidden potential (Album: Everything must change for you; Label: Compact Electronic Desktop Music)
Moncheese - Waves (Album: Ghost Tracks; Label: Purplecat Records)
Arte Nel Rumore - Stealing Dreams (Album: AA.VV. NOS Project II; Label: Ozky e-sound)
Brickman - Reflect( Album: Consume; Label: Qunabu)
Transient 9 - You're not alone (Label: Stato Elettrico)
In a sleeping Mood - Draft(Album: Draft; Label: Yo[u]-Turn)
Iszen - In for mal( Album: Informal EP; Label: Musica Vermella)
Mirko Andreoli - Afresh (Album: AA.VV. The Wave Structure Of Matter; Label: Quantum Bit)
Silvia Trix - Sawman (Album: Surgery Department; Label: Stato Elettrico)
DAM BEER - 02: 52 Minutes of shit (Album: Beats Vol.3; Label: Stereoptico)
Alessandro Parisi - Capitolo VII -  E.S.A 1963 Alien structure discovering (Album: Secret Music Tales)
Digi G'Alessio - Gretsch Blackhawk vs Space Invaders (Album: Dogma 7; Label: Fresh Y!O)
Inko - Jazzy EFX (Album: Tropical Offbeat; Label Stereoptico)
Elephant and Castle - Gra$e(feat Nate Brenner) (Album. Aquablaze; Label: Stereoptico)
SoulSonic - Every day is good (5) (Album: Every day is good; Label: Cold Tear Records)
Sepalcure - No Think (Album: Fleur; Label: Hotflush Recordings)
Max Waves - Distant (feat. Pixieguts) (Album: Music For Microworlds; Label: EMU)
Symphonic Vapour - Music in Jeopardy (Album: Penumbra; Bandcamp)
Rob Belleville - Hydrologic Cycle (Album: Maritimus EP; Label: Schall Netlabel)
Kappah - Raid off (Album: Ballets (Lev 1-10); Label: Reddarmy)
Tardiss - Die starter (Album: Death City Able; Label: No-Source)
Flowrian - New Day (Album: Night Owl Family; Label: digitalGEWITTER)
Wo - Televizyn Sorrow (Printempo Rmx)- (Album: Televizyn Sorrow; Jamendo)
The secret life of the black suit - Immagine nascosta (Album: AA.VV. lav.Next; Label: Laverna)

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