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FFT #10 - Playlist&Podcast 14/05/2011

Playlist 14/05/2011

Chemical Brothers - Setting Sun
Sahin Laselle - Deffekt
Master Jim - Transmitter
Ten and Tracer - Have you ever been?
Mister Beep - The Prince's return
Andrey Nailer - Can't hide
Introvert - Heavy Sights Spoken Softly
Roborobika - IDMan
Anri - Transparent
Frances Lerouge - Tengo un plan perfecto para salvar el mundo (Nil_lo rmx)
Endorphin - Will be not Televised
Microfluid - Distorted Minds
Phasen - Over the setting sun
S0N0 - What will be left when we are gone?
Isotroph - Avenir
Aran - Trick or money
Nanoptiq - Timemonster
Leit - Arde
Echo Gardens - Flow
Trills - Kildare
Silent Strangers - Left Cold
Arthur Cravan - It's the logic of a dream/or a nightmare

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